Alternatives to skip bins: tips to save money on your worksite

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The Australian construction and demolition industry creates over 27 million tonnes of waste each year (44% of all waste). What are you doing to keep your worksite free of rubbish?

“How does skip bin hire work?” is one of the most common questions we get as a rubbish removal company.

For Western Sydney builders and construction site managers looking to remove hard waste and construction debris, skip bins are often the first and last thought. But the best waste removal option will take into account your cost, site needs, and time.

To help you choose the fast, reliable, and affordable solution, we’ll break down some of the factors to take into account when hiring a Western Sydney skip bin.

poor site access for skip bin

Site access

Let’s start with your site itself.

Western Sydney skip bins are useful if you have a clear site with constant access. But if your worksite doesn’t have a suitable place for a skip bin, you may end up creating more headaches during the skip bin drop-off and pick-up stages.

Placing a skip bin away from your work area can also mean longer load times as you’re responsible for moving rubbish from A to B (even if you’re sending the apprentices to dispose of waste).

Keep in mind, your skip bin is also static so once it comes off the truck, it’s stuck. This may suit some Western Sydney worksites, but if site accessibility and flexibility are important, you want to consider if a more mobile rubbish removal solution is suitable.

Rov’s Rubbish Removal Tip: If you’re looking for ways to maintain site access, ask us about our new skip bag solutions. The simplest way to keep your job site clear across each stage of construction.

fast rubbish removal service

Rubbish removal speed

Your skip bin is only filled as fast as you fill it.

If moving construction waste to your onsite skip bins is going to add time to your team’s day, consider whether a rubbish removal service is more appropriate. Professional labour with rubbish removal trucks can help reset your site at regular intervals, so consider whether your site relies on cleanliness and space to work at full speed.

Looking to keep your job site clean after each phase of construction? From demolition, initial framing, and brickwork to after fit-out and handover, ask us about our fixed-price construction clean up services today.

utilising space in skip bins to save costs

Skip Bin Cost

Let’s be honest, the cost is the most important factor when looking for the best way to clear debris and waste from your worksite.

Skip bins can provide an affordable waste removal solution, but you’ll need to read the fine print carefully to avoid budget blowouts. Skips are typically priced and measured by cubic metres. This looks great on paper, but when you end up paying for a skip that’s only ½ or ⅓ full, you’re spending money on thin air.

Every Western Sydney builder, contractor, and labourer knows that skip bin hire has cons to go with its pros but did you know there’s a rubbish removal solution that costs the same (if not less) than skip bin hire, that guarantees you never pay for a partially full skip bin ever again?

At Rov’s Rubbish Removal, we’re proud to offer an affordable waste disposal solution to builders from the Blue Mountains to Blacktown. Read on to find out how to save money on your next rubbish removal service (and be sure to ask us about our new skip bag service available exclusively for Western Sydney builders).

on site rubbish removal

How can rubbish removal be cheaper than skip bin hire?

Rubbish removal typically runs at the same cost as skip bin hire, or cheaper. The more construction waste you have, the more likely you’ll save money using a rubbish removal service.


Let’s do a little math to show where your money is saved. Imagine you were looking to dispose of 2mᶟ of building waste and 1mᶟ of green waste. Here’s where the fixed fees of skip bin companies come back to bite you…

Contacting your local skip bin hiring company means you’d need to choose one of two options:

a). Pay for two skip bins to handle your total volume of waste. With a minimum size of 2mᶟ you’re paying for a green waste skip bin that’s only filled halfway.

b). Hire a mixed waste skip bin at a higher rate.

No matter how appealing the prices of skip bin hire look online, or how cheap a single skip bin looks on a website, you end up paying more to dispose of your waste. The more hard waste you need to dispose of, the more you end up paying.

fully maintained job site cleared of all rubbish with skip bags

Ask us about our fixed price building site clean up service

At Rov’s Rubbish Removal, we only charge you for what we take away. As our cubic metre rate is typically the same as the rate charged by Western Sydney skip bin companies (if not cheaper), we can remove all of your waste in one service.

That means you don’t need to hire a mixed waste bin at a premium or hire two skip bins when you only need to fill half of that cubic volume.

No more paying for skip bins you’re not filling. And no more paying for mixed waste skip bins to keep your construction site clean. With rubbish removal, there’s no need to fill skip bins yourself and no need to pay a cent more than you should.

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