Rubbish Removal vs Skip Bin Hire: What’s Right For You?

Australian homes produce 7 million tons of waste every year.

That’s enough for each household to fill a 3-bedroom property with junk…floor to ceiling.

Whether you’re running a business or a busy household, it’s inevitable you’ll end up with rubbish that needs to go. Old appliances, hoarded junk, green waste, residential trash or a construction site full of building waste – whatever rubbish you’re looking to dispose of comes down to two main disposal methods.

“Should I hire rubbish removal or hire a skip bin?”

Skip bin hire seems straightforward – you pay for a big, empty bin and you fill it up. But skip bins come with locked pricing, you can’t overfill without paying full price for a second bin, and there’s constant risk of other people dumping their waste in your skip.

At Rov’s we only charge for what we take away, and our pricing matches most skip bin quotes (we might even come in a little cheaper). Even better, there’s zero chance someone can sneak their trash onto our trucks, so you only pay for your own waste.

To make your waste disposal decision easier we’ve rounded up the facts to help you choose between rubbish removal services and skip bin hire.

Waste placed inside a waste bin

Let’s talk about saving money

When it comes to clearing your home or business of excess rubbish, cost should always be your first concern.

It’s common for Western Sydney homeowners to think skip bins offer the best value for money, after all you’re not paying for anyone to remove rubbish for you, you’re throwing it all in a skip yourself (we’ll get to why that’s harder than it looks shortly).

That’s why renting an empty skip and filling it yourself can seem like the cheapest option, but there are a few hidden costs and “surprise” fees to keep in mind. For a start, you’ll need to cover the cost of delivery and pick-up of your skip bin. So while it feels like you’re not paying for someone’s time, you’re actually paying someone’s wage TWICE (and that’s not even mentioning the hire cost of the skip bin).

You’re also paying for potential space, not the space you use. So if you only fill up ⅓ of your skip bin, you’ll still be paying full price for the skip bin rental.

How rubbish removal helps keep money in your pocket

With rubbish removal you only pay for what’s taken.

If your old appliances and hard waste fill up half a truck’s capacity, you’re only charged for that amount. You don’t have to pay for multiple trips to the tip, or for a second (or third) skip bin to handle your waste. A rubbish removal service hand loads your waste into a truck, so you only pay once.

You’re also able to take advantage of waste specific rates when you hire rubbish removalists.

For example, if you’ve got a yard full of green waste (which is relatively cheap to dispose of) and leftover hard waste from a recent renovation (which is more expensive to dispose of), you’d need to pay for a costly “mixed waste” skip that can handle both waste types at once.

But those same waste types can go into one rubbish removal truck, without the costly “mixed waste” fee attached. You’re charged a cheaper green waste fee for your green waste, and a hard waste fee for your hard waste. When these costs are added up you end up paying less than it costs to rent a skip.

When it comes time to pay the bill, you haven’t been hit with a lump sum for throwing different waste types into a bin, but you will save money by paying for each waste type individually.

Bulldozer removing pile of debris

You also want to avoid the hard yakka

You’ve seen skip bins on construction sites and outside businesses across the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney, so there’s no doubting skip bins can be useful.

The problem most people forget to consider is that a skip bin is a full weekend of work in waiting. Once your skip is delivered it’s your responsibility to fill it with waste. This can add physical stress and hours of work that puts a strain on your body.

As a homeowner you may want to dispose of bulky appliances like broken fridges or old TVs, while businesses may have unwanted furniture or assorted junk. You’ll need to find a volunteer (willingly or begrudgingly) to load these heavy items into your skip bin, with the added risk of injury always a concern.

Old household furniture outside the house

How rubbish removal makes life easier

Since rubbish removal services are hand-loaded, the only finger you have to lift is the one that points at the heavy items you want removed. That’s why one of the biggest advantages of rubbish removal is not having to do all the work yourself.

This is very helpful for families and businesses in Western Sydney who don’t have the time to clear up an entire backyard or worksite.

At Rov’s we do everything for you, from loading the junk onto our truck to taking it away for you.

With no manual labour on your end, that frees up your time and saves you from unnecessary aches and pains without any heavy lifting required.

Clean big space of a backyard

The importance of looking after your outdoor space

If you’re like most Western Sydney homeowners you take pride in your garden. Whether it’s your eye-catching roses, your new BBQ or a lawn mowed perfectly for a game of backyard cricket, you put effort into maintaining your outdoor space.

One of the biggest problems with hiring a skip bin is the space it takes up on your property.

Skip bin sizes range from 2m3 to 12m3, which is going to occupy plenty of room on your lawn. It’s common for skip bins to come with ‘same-day drop-off and pick-up’ which makes the process seem quick, but that still leaves a few hundred kilos of weight pressing into your lawn and leaving a dead patch of grass.

Adding to your headaches, you’re at the mercy of a skip bin drop-off and pick-up schedule, so if there’s a delay, you’re stuck with an ugly eyesore. That skip could be killing your lawn, attracting junk from every neighbour within eyeshot, or posing a safety hazard to pets and kids until it’s gone.

Man disposing waste from a truck at the field

How rubbish removal protects your property

Rubbish removal brings mobile waste disposal trucks to your Western Sydney home or business and removes junk by hand.

That means there’s no heavy skip destroying your lawn or sitting out the front of your business – and your rubbish removal team will be gone as soon as your waste is collected.

This is perfect for businesses or construction sites who can’t afford to have skip bins sitting on-site and damaging their property. Scratched surfaces, destroyed grass, unwanted attention from the local council – none of these problems exist when you hire a fast and affordable rubbish removal service.

Old things placed in a storage room

Whose rubbish are you REALLY paying for?

A skip bin can help clean up a messy construction site or office refurb, but it’s also a magnet for neighbours and nearby homeowners who have been waiting for a chance to get rid of their unwanted furniture, household waste and junk.

The problem with placing a large, empty skip bin on your front lawn or construction site is that it provides the PERFECT place for other people to dump their trash.

This becomes a major headache when you’re paying for space other people are using. Imagine waking up on the weekend ready to hand-load trash into your skip bin, only to find the bin is ¾ full of waste already!

When this happens you’ll either pay to remove someone else’s waste OR you’ll need to hire a second skip bin because there wasn’t enough space for your own junk. In both cases you’re taking the financial hit.

How rubbish removal keeps the neighbours away

There’s a good chance you get along with your neighbours – but that doesn’t mean you’re happy to pay to remove all of their excess waste.

Rubbish removal services provide a same-day service for your junk, and your junk only.

As your rubbish is hand-loaded onto trucks there’s no chance for a sneaky neighbour to throw in a busted microwave or bag of lawn clippings. They might watch on through the window, but their trash stays on their property so you pay for what you need to dispose of – and not a single dollar more.

Broken debris on an open space

Think carefully about your restrictions

Take the average pile of household junk from the Blue Mountains to Blacktown and you’ll find the same assortment of damaged, pre-loved and unwanted goods. With a range of waste to dispose of, skip bins can look appealing.

After all, what’s easier to fill than a giant bin?

Turns out the restrictions on what CAN and what CAN’T go in a skip bin are tighter than you might think. If you’re looking to clear your backyard of excess dirt from your latest renovation, you can’t go filling a green waste skip with old appliances and residential waste.

It’s a major frustration to drag a pile of junk onto your front lawn expecting it to end up in the skip, only to find 50% of your waste isn’t allowed. That leaves you having to order a second skip bin, or with a pile of trash in your front yard that spiders, snakes and rodents will take one look at and think “wow, that’s our new home”.

Dumped construction

How rubbish removal offers peace of mind

Rubbish removal is designed to suit your needs, not lump you with frustrating limitations.

If you want to clear out a rusted home gym you never used, a pile of dirt, and a shed full of broken glass at the same time – you can.

Rubbish removal is about convenience, not hidden rules and regulations.

Outside of asbestos and dangerous chemicals, a rubbish removal service takes what you tell them. You’re in control of what stays and what goes, so there’s no risk of dragging a heavy fridge to the front yard only to find out it’s not accepted.

If you want junk gone, it goes – and that peace of mind is priceless.

The Rubbish Removal vs Skip Bin debate settled

When it comes to clearing your Western Sydney home or office, it’s easy to think a skip bin is the best option. You already throw trash in a small bin every day, so hiring a larger bin feels like the natural step-up.

But a hired skip bin means damaging your lawn, attracting your neighbour’s junk, doing all the heavy lifting yourself, and being slapped with limitations on what you can and can’t dispose of. If you value your time and money, it’s not an ideal choice.

Rubbish removal is the mobile alternative where all the heavy lifting is done for you. Your lawn is protected, your neighbours never get the chance to offload their junk onto your property, and there are no frustrating restrictions – all at the same price (or cheaper) than a skip bin.

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