“Help! There’s rubbish on my property, what do I do”?
[Tenants, agents & homeowners edition]

Old things placed inside a room

The average Australian generates 540kg of household waste each year – and not everyone disposes of their fair share.

Whether you own, rent or manage a property, one man’s trash can quickly become your headache. The issue of waste removal responsibility can quickly raise a stink, so it helps to know how to get rid of unwanted items, from the small to the bulky.

As Western Sydney construction projects continue to grow, and families look to move to the suburbs to escape Sydney’s high cost of living, it’s normal to see moving vans on your street every other week.

But when a home has finished construction, or a long term tenant has packed up and left, it’s equally common to find excess waste left behind. Everything from rubble and construction debris to old, broken appliances can find their way to your backyard – and you’re the one responsible for it.

It doesn’t matter if you own the land, rent it, or manage it for someone else, you need to know how to get rid of rubbish on your property quickly, efficiently and affordably.

If you’re ready to save time and money, read on for quick and easy rubbish removal tips whether you’re a tenant, real estate agent, or proud new homeowner.

Old swing with slide on an abandoned property

Rubbish removal for tenants

Your lease is coming to an end, you’re planning to hand back the keys, and you’re hoping a quick clean of the place is enough to get your full bond back.

But as a tenant, it’s your responsibility to remove ALL furniture, belongings and rubbish.

This goes without saying when talking about your clothes, TV, kitchenware and other everyday items, but what about the rusted swing seat in the backyard, or the back verandah fridge that doesn’t cool drinks like it used to?

You might think you’re doing the next tenant a favour by leaving your old couch or unwanted fridge, but it’s likely you’ll be charged for leaving rubbish at the property (even if it’s a really nice couch or fridge).

Most common types of rubbish tenants need removed:

  • Old and broken furniture
  • Damaged white goods
  • Household rubbish
  • Old kids toys
  • Dead plants
  • Books and newspapers
  • Rusty bikes or car parts
  • Old cutlery and kitchenware

To save you fines of up to $4,000 for leaving junk and waste at your rental property, it’s best to organise a professional rubbish removal service. For a fraction of the price you’d pay in fines, you can sit back while professional rubbish removalists clear your space and dispose of your unwanted goods.

Clean and relaxing backyard

As a bonus, you’re more likely to get your bond back when you leave your property spotless and free of trash.

This makes professional Western Sydney rubbish removal a smart investment that helps put more money in your pocket.

Prefer to save time (and the hassle) and have the pros clear your rented property? Call 0451 874 101 today for a 100% FREE rubbish removal quote.

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Rubbish removal for real estate agents

Your tenants have handed back the keys and you’re ready to put a property back on the market.

Even better, there’s already been some interest and you’ve been fielding calls to show the property.

There’s just one problem…they’ve left a pile of trash in the backyard that looks like one of Western Sydney’s tips!

This is a frustratingly common problem for Western Sydney real estate agents who end up stuck with the responsibility of clearing waste, often in a short timeframe to ensure the property can be relisted. When the backyard is a mess of rotting wood and twisted metal, or the shed is filled with old car parts and bags of household rubbish, you need a solution that’s fast and reliable.

Most common types of rubbish real estate agents need removed:

  • Old furniture
  • Damaged white goods
  • Household rubbish
  • Green waste
  • Broken backyard furniture
  • Car parts and scrap metal
  • Bags of old clothes
  • Timber and fence palings

Everyone wants to live in a clean, hygienic space. While organising professional rubbish removal may be a frustrating short term cost, it helps to increase occupancy rates and reduces the amount of time your property is sitting empty. You can also boost your industry reputation and help attract new clients by keeping your managed properties clean, clear and full of happy tenants.

Don’t let rogue tenants ruin your reputation or damage your client relationships. At Rov’s Rubbish Removal we offer a custom waste removal service to suit your needs.

Truck of rubbish in a green waste area

As Western Sydney locals we understand the importance of prompt and fair service, and tailor our approach whether you’re dealing with a 1-bedroom apartment in Penrith or 4-bedroom home in the Blue Mountains.

Looking for help clearing your property before it’s ready to go back on the market? Call 0451 874 101 today for a 100% FREE rubbish removal quote.

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Rubbish removal for new homeowners

Whether you’re just settled on a new home, or picked up the keys for a recently built home in Western Sydney, arriving at a yard full of waste and debris isn’t ideal.

Unfortunately, it’s common to find building materials on your land. Although these may have been left behind by your construction company, it’s more likely a nearby builder or neighbour with excess waste has seen your block of land and thought “jackpot”.

Removing someone else’s hard waste or old furniture is a time-consuming and potentially dangerous job, and you don’t want to be sacrificing your next month’s worth of weekends to organise trips to the tip.

Most common types of rubbish new homeowners need removed:

  • Construction and building waste
  • Brick and rubble
  • Green waste
  • Broken glass
  • Timber and fence palings
  • Concrete
  • Broken glass
  • Scrap metal and junk
Man cleaning a house with pile of woods

Our rubbish removal service manually removes each unwanted item by hand so there’s no dead grass on your front lawn (a long term reminder of a hired skin bin for rubbish removal), and nothing you need to do but point at waste that’s got to go.

Frustrated by someone else’s waste and ready to start your life as a homeowner without the hard work? Call 0451 874 101 today for a 100% FREE rubbish removal quote.

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Stuck with rubbish on your property? We can help

You’ve got enough on your plate as a tenant, real estate agent, or homeowner without having to worry about finding the time (and effort) to dispose of unwanted waste.

Whether it’s your broken, damaged or unwanted items at the end of a lease, or someone else’s trash that you need to dispose of, our Western Sydney rubbish removal service clears all waste by hand so there’s no need to lift a finger, apart from picking up the phone to call us for an obligation-free quote.

Looking for affordable rubbish removal services near you? Contact our friendly team for a fast and reliable rubbish removal quote today.

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