How to Prepare Your Western Sydney Home for Sale
[5-Step Pre-Sale Checklist]

For Sale sign outside a house

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

With Western Sydney’s real estate market booming you might be thinking of pulling up roots and selling your home. But before you throw up a ‘For Sale’ sign and start waiting for offers, you’ll need to make sure you’ve presented your property in the most appealing way.

Grabbing a potential buyer’s attention is easy…but only if you know how to put your best foot forward. Presentation is everything, and the right appearance can help you sell your home in a shorter time frame and for a better price.

If you want buyers to spend longer at your future open house, you need to make sure they can imagine their life in your home.

Read on for our simple checklist to get your Western Sydney home ready for buyers.

Closed garage full of old things from the house

Step One: Declutter and remove rubbish

The first step in preparing your home for sale is to declutter.

When it comes to preparing your home for sale, you’ll want to abide by the “less is more” mantra.

Although you’ve built a life in your home, potential buyers want to see their future, not the remnants of your creaking garden shed or an overgrown forest in the backyard.

To make sure you’re putting forward your home’s potential (and not its past) you’ll want to round up and dispose of all unwanted clutter and mess.

While it’s easy to assume this is the type of job that can be done on a Saturday morning, it’s worth thinking about enlisting help from professionals. Not only will this ensure your unwanted junk is removed quickly and disposed of sustainably, but you’ll be saving hours which can be a huge help when you’re selling your home and have a thousand things to do.

Rov’s Rubbish Removal Tip: Clutter likes to hide in corners and cupboards. Once you’ve run your eyes over your property and identified what needs to go, take time to open cupboards and drawers to make sure you’re culling as much as possible. Although these items won’t affect your home’s readiness for a sale, you’ll avoid bringing excess junk with you to your new home.

With your excess junk gone you’ll be able to organise any photographers to capture your home for real estate signage and branding, as well as open up the space in preparation for the potential buyers who’ll be keen to check out your space.

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Step Two: Take care of simple repairs

You don’t need to be a builder (or even a handyman) to fix the wear and tear around your home.

We’re talking about the small tweaks that make a BIG difference, so while it’s easy to assume the next homeowner will fix broken light switches or cracked door knobs, this can cost you money on auction day.

Naturally, you’ll want to make sure you’re increasing your home’s appeal without spending too much on repair, but as a rule of thumb look to fix common signs of wear and tire, including:

  • Chipped tiles
  • Scratched paintwork
  • Broken windows
  • Stained carpets
  • Loose hinges
  • Leaking taps
  • Nail holes
  • Scratched hardwood

You don’t need to organise a full renovation before it’s time to sell your Western Sydney home, but fixing these little things can add life to your home and make an old space feel new again.

Clean empty garage

Step Three: Make your house sparkle

With your home decluttered and repaired, it’s time for a good spring clean.

Depending on your home this may include tasks like:

  • Washing interior and exterior windows
  • Polishing mirrors and fixtures
  • Remove dust from cabinets and cupboards
  • Waxing bathroom surfaces
  • Cleaning behind appliances

Looking to bring a well-loved space back to life? Making your house sparkle can be done with a creative coat of paint before listing.

Paint can help small rooms appear larger, or highlight architectural features like crown moulding and skirting. Keep in mind, your favourite colours might not suit potential Western Sydney buyers. Think warm neutral colours like beige, tan, or grey to add value and generate interest.

If you don’t have time to paint your entire home, focus on the most used areas including the entryway, kitchen, and bathroom.

Step Four: Promote curb appeal

We’re all taught not to judge a book by its cover…but home buyers do this all the time.

That first impression of your home from the footpath is critical in attracting a buyer, and if your yard is full of twisted scrap metal, broken glass, and mounds of organic waste, then you’ll be turning off potential buyers.

The outside of your home should be just as appealing as the inside, so be sure to remove all waste and garbage from your front (and back) yard.

Hiring a Western Sydney rubbish removal company to dispose of excess green waste is the quick and easy way to up the ‘WOW’ factor before potential buyers have even stepped through the front door.

Remember, a possible sale is lost if a buyer doesn’t get a good vibe just from standing at your front gate, so don’t forget to clean up the exterior of your home and leave your front and back yard neat, tidy and free of branches, scrap metal, or old white goods.

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Cozy white and brown themed living room

Step Five: Consider staging your home

Whether you live in Blacktown, Penrith or the Blue Mountains, you might be wondering whether it’s best to show potential buyers an empty space, or stage your home.

This decision is up to you, though it’s worth noting staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than empty homes. This is because it’s tough for a potential buyer to see an empty room and picture it full of their own belongings.

If the thought of paying to stage your home doesn’t fill you with joy, there are a couple of creative approaches you can try.

Firstly, you can stage your home without hiring a professional. Just make sure to remove family photos and personal items to help buyers visualise their own life (not yours). You’ll also want to remove all clutter and household rubbish to create a large, neutral and inviting space.

Secondly, you can hire a professional stager just for the ‘big ticket’ rooms like your living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom.

Man fixing the rubbish inside the house

Need help preparing your Western Sydney home for sale?

Selling your home is an exciting step in your life, but one that comes with challenges too.

To help you minimise stress and maximise your sale price, focus on outsourcing what you can. You don’t need to spend hours (or days) lugging waste from your yard to the nearest tip because getting rid of junk and clutter is easy with professional rubbish removal services.

At Rov’s Rubbish Removal we clear all waste by hand so there’s no unsightly dead grass for potential buyers to see (a frustrating reminder of hiring a skip bin for rubbish removal), and as a local Western Sydney business we’re committed to providing a fast, reliable and environmentally-friendly service to make selling your home that little bit easier.

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