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We’ll help you hit the reset button on your excess junk

Is your house becoming more trash than treasure?

There’s a feeling of joy you get when you walk into a clean and clear house. So when your house or backyard is littered with junk it’s tough to enjoy your time at home. Old appliances, worn out furniture, general waste – these are common junk items that fill up Western Sydney homes over time.

You might not even realise how much junk has built up, which can feel overwhelming. When you want to keep costs down and save tens of hours of hard work, our junk removal service is quick and affordable.

Removing months or years of junk is time consuming and costly – contact us today for safe and efficient junk removal anywhere in Western Sydney.

Pile of junks inside a room

Western Sydney junk removal experts

No one likes having junk lying around the home. It’s easy to run with the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mantra but this is asking for trouble. Western Sydney’s pesky pests and creepy crawlies love backyard junk, while your home becomes a smaller and more cramped space. With unbeatable prices and a same-day service we’ll remove junk and return your space.

Junk stuffs outside the home

Common items removed during junk cleanups include:

Let us take care of your assorted trash and hard waste with same-day junk removal in Western Sydney.

Old Furniture placed in front yard of a home

Should I wait for council junk pickup?

Western Sydney councils offer a valuable junk pickup service but unfortunately these come with restrictions surrounding waste types. You’ll need to move any unwanted items to your front yard and arrange by type (with neighbourhood scavengers rearranging your pile each night) which creates a welcome environment for local wildlife, snakes and spiders.

At Rov’s Rubbish Removal we save you the hard work and the hassle. By compiling all waste for you there’s no need to set aside time for moving broken furniture, old toys, boxes of clothes and knick knacks. With a same-day service we work to your schedule and at all times aim to recycle as much of your unneeded junk as possible.

Pile of broken household junks

How to get rid of household junk

Most Western Sydney homes have a routine for removing junk. Fill the red council bin, realise the red council bin is full, let junk build up around the home. Sound familiar? While your council bins are perfectly suited to dispose of clutter and waste, they fill up quickly. On top of this, your unwanted items might be too large or bulky to safely go into council bins.

Removing junk doesn’t have to take hours, or late-night trips down the street to see if any of your neighbours have space in their bins.

Our service removes all junk in one clean sweep. Offering same day removal of your unwanted items we’ll bring our trucks and hand-load everything for you. Getting rid of household junk is that easy with Rov’s Rubbish Removal.

Old junks packed inside the boxes and trash bins

The problem with taking junk to the tip

When your house becomes more trash than treasure it’s natural to start Googling the nearest tip at Eastern Creek or Penrith. Whether you’re looking to get rid of bags of junk or bulky items that you no longer need, a trip to the tip can pose more problems. Tip charges and transport costs (not to mention trailer hire) make this an expensive option.

When you’re dealing with more than a little junk you can end up spending hours or even days making multiple trips to the tip. No one wants to donate their weekend hailing waste. Claim your weekends again by letting Rov’s Rubbish Removal safely dispose of your junk instead.

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Junk removal frequently asked questions

Yes. If your junk can be recycled we ensure it’s reused and repurposed. One man’s trash could end up becoming another man’s treasure.

We remove all types of household junk including appliances, electronics, garden waste, bags of rubbish and household waste. If it’s ‘junk’ in your eyes, we’ll take it.

Yes. Excess junk is an eye-sore, health risk and takes up valuable space in your home. Our same day service provides a super fast solution with no mess.

Rov’s Rubbish Removal services Western Sydney including major metropolitan areas of Penrith, Parramatta, Blacktown and the Blue Mountains (including surrounding suburbs).

Yes. Our service is stress-free and hands-free so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll remove all household junk for you. We’re not just faster than hiring a skip bin you have to fill up yourself…we do all the labour too.

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