How to save Time and Money with a Fixed-Price Construction Clean-Up

How much of your time is spent keeping your construction site clean?

Whether you’re the one hauling debris to on-site skip bins or you’re asking your team to dispose of hazardous materials, the end result is the same – a construction site that’s bogged down and running below optimal productivity.

The problem is, the build up of hard waste and construction debris can feel never ending.

You head home on Friday arvo with a clean site behind

you and by mid-Monday morning there’s already piles of scrap metal and rubble starting to build up.

The common solution is to ring your local skip bin provider and order a skip or two. But this has several frustrating downsides:

  • Skip bins take up valuable space on your work-site
  • Skip bins attract illegal dumping from neighbouring properties
  • Skip bins require your own hard yakka to fill (over and over)

Whether you’re building homes in Blacktown or the Blue Mountains, there is a cheaper, easier solution – fixed-price building site clean-ups.

rov's rubbish removal raking brick and concrete on job site

What is a fixed-price building site clean-up?

As a Western Sydney builder with a busy calendar your time is precious. A fixed price building site clean up is designed to free up your time and minimise the needless tasks that suck your team’s attention away.

Under a fixed price model – meaning you’re not going to be stung with extra charges and fees which happen as you order skip after skip to keep up with your waste – you know exactly what you’ll be paying.

And to keep your work site clean and clear we organise rubbish removal in stages. For example, let’s say you’ve recently completed framing and brickwork on your Seven Hills worksite and there’s piles of broken bricks and rubble leftover.

We’ll clear the property and get your space uncluttered and ready for the next stage of your build.

Or, if you’ve been gyprocking in St.Marys and need your excess gyprock and plasterboard removed, we’ll load your unwanted materials onto our truck and send them off to be disposed off off-site.

We separate recyclable waste to minimise our contribution to landfill – which means recycling all brick, concrete, paint, cardboard and timber where possible – so you can stress less about where waste is going, and focus on the next stage of your build.

Wondering how much a fixed-price construction site clean-up will cost you? We have affordable packages for single story builds, double story builds, duplexes and all construction projects, so you won’t get sucked into a ‘one size fits all’ model that charges you more than you need.

Reach out today with your construction site needs for an affordable quote.

building site clean up after brick work

How many rubbish removal stages are included?

Whether you’re working in Marsden Park or Schofields, we know each stage of your build generates different types of waste, so we offer 5 clean up stages.

Each clean-up stage removes the excess debris and hard waste that comes from a new home build. You can set and forget your clean-ups and we’ll pop round to your work site once every 6 weeks, or let us know your preferred custom clean-up schedule.

As long as you’ve got a tidy worksite to focus on your job

(and not on whose turn it is to take the week’s rubbish to the on-site skip bin) then we’re happy.

Once we’ve completed your 5 clean-up stages we’ll also swing back for a complimentary “garage clean-up” to dispose of the leftover assorted waste. Whether it’s empty paint tins or packaging materials, we’ll handle the leftovers for you.

Bulldozer removing pile of debris

What are the benefits of a fixed-price building site clean-up?

As a Western Sydney builder you already know how frustrating it is to organise a skip bin for your site.

Even if it’s a handy place to dispose of waste, a skip is a constant magnet for the neighbourhood’s unwanted household rubbish, or even other builders dumping waste to save a few bucks on their site. If you regularly build in the Western Sydney area, you can’t afford to be paying for someone else’s trash on job after job. That’s where your own clean-up service comes in.

Read on to discover the benefits of a fixed-price construction site clean-up instead:

No more illegal dumping

It’s impossible to build houses in Western Sydney and not believe in magic, because you can leave a half-empty skip bin on a Friday afternoon and by Monday it’s 100% full. That must be magic!

In all seriousness, by keeping the skip bin off-site you’re no longer a magnet for local trash dumpers. And with illegally dumped waste on the rise in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, that’s a lasting peace of mind for you to look forward to.

Unfortunately, it’s next to impossible to catch crafty illegal dumpers, but with skip bins a thing of the past, that monster fine from the NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) isn’t your concern anymore.

Clean and tidy job site

When your worksite looks like it’s been hit by a bomb, productivity slows to a crawl.

In the competitive Western Sydney building industry, you can’t afford to develop a reputation for being slow, and while skip bins provide an easy place to dump your junk, it takes time to manually load waste in your skip. Over the course of a full build, that manual labour can seriously add up.

With a fixed-price construction site clean-up you can say goodbye to the skip bin for good, boost your productivity, and leave the heavy waste removal to us. And since a clean work site isn’t just more productive, but safer, you’ll be looking after your team at the same time.

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More money in your pocket

Two of the best words in the English language as a builder are “Fixed Price”. Well, that and “Friday Beers”.

While plenty of skip bin services work on a sliding scale – meaning the more bins you need, the more you pay – our construction site clean-up is fixed. That way you’ll be able to budget your costs upfront and forget about finances while we come in and keep your site clear of debris and ready for your next build stage.

We also understand that costs can be more easily managed when they’re spread out, so we offer billing installments to suit your needs if you’d prefer to avoid the upfront expense.

It’s time to say goodbye to paying your team over-time to lug heavy waste to the on-site skip. With Rov’s Rubbish Removal you’ll have a clear site, and more money in your pocket.

Fully flexible

It’s hard to predict the future on a work site.

Whether it’s pouring rain in Kellyville or issues with council red tape on your Glenmore Park site, it’s nice to know that sometimes you’re in control of what gets done and when.

All of our fixed-price construction clean-ups are flexible, which means no lock-in dates or set pick-up times. We can clean your site every 6 weeks if you’d rather be left out of the planning. Or, if a stage in your build is delayed, just let it know and we’ll work to your custom schedule.

And since we know a construction site can be chaotic at the best of times, we pride ourselves on staying out of the way of busy tradies. If you’d prefer we remove your construction rubbish on weekends while you’re not there, we’re happy to do it.

Wondering if a fixed-price construction site clean-up is right for you?

As a builder in the Blue Mountains, Western Sydney or Hills District you’re busy enough without adding hours to your weekly workload clearing your build site. And your team has better things to do than hauling piles of brick and rubble.

At Rov’s Rubbish Removal we’re committed to saving you time and money so you can focus on the bigger picture.

With minimal disruption and a fixed cost to avoid any nasty budget blowouts, we’re proud to provide the time-saving and cost-effective construction waste removal for your next project.

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Making your work site more efficient

As a builder in the Blue Mountains, Western Sydney, or Hills District you value your time – so you can’t afford to wait for skip bin delivery or waste hours clearing your own site.

Dealing with a build up of debris, dirt, timber and general construction waste shouldn’t be your focus on-site. At Rov’s Rubbish Removal we pride ourselves on delivering a fast and reliable rubbish removal service for construction sites on residential and commercial properties, with minimal disruption.

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