Hayley Rothery, Director

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An inspired start

Rov’s Rubbish Removal was born out of Hayley and husband Matt’s desire to provide a faster, more cost-effective and ethical alternative to domestic and commercial waste removal.

They saw the exorbitant cost of skip bin hire, the excessive amounts of rubbish entering landfill and the physically demanding task of rubbish removal and knew there was a better way.

By offering a waste removal service that clears, sorts, removes and recycles rubbish, Rov’s Rubbish Removal is economical, hassle-free and environmentally conscious.

Personal, client-driven service

With an impressive resume in customer service and project management, Hayley is the glue that keeps the business running. Formerly Australia Post’s youngest ever postal manager, she is used to fast-paced businesses and managing competing demands.

Responsible for the project management and administration side of the business, Hayley is the first point of contact at Rov’s Rubbish Removal, ensuring every client receives the right waste removal solution for their situation.

It is through Hayley’s finely tuned project management skills and love of the Western Sydney community that Rov’s Rubbish Removal has built such a stellar reputation.

A customer service expert, Hayley loves the personal side of the industry – getting to know clients and their stories.

“Being able to help people from all different walks of life, finding out what they need and figuring out the best solution is for them is what I really enjoy,” Hayley says.

Creating work-life balance

Hayley is incredibly proud of the business and the life she and Matt have created for their family, particularly because it allows her to do things she wouldn’t have been able to in the past.

“As a working, stay-at-home mum, my life is my kids,” Hayley laughs.

“And I love the fact that I can be present for the everyday things, like taking the dogs for a walk and coaching my daughter’s netball team… I absolutely love it.”

When she’s not busy working, coaching or taking care of little ones, Hayley is cheering for her beloved Canterbury Bulldogs.

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