End of Lease Rubbish Removal
- the Simple Way to Prepare Your Property for New Tenants

Pile of broken furniture at the backyard

Have your previous tenants left damaged furniture and broken appliances sitting in each room? Or are you facing the enormous task of clearing an overgrown lawn or garden before you can re-list your property?

As an agent looking to prepare a vacated property for new tenants, finding a professional, low cost rubbish removal team can improve your profitability. Hiring skip bins is a costly and time-consuming solution that requires constant management and oversight. Our end of lease rubbish removal service is the fast and cost-effective solution instead.

Clearing overgrown gardens and lawns is the most common obstacle before relisting a property, as professional landscapers are an expensive option that you can do without. Our service is low cost without sacrificing results, giving you more time to find new tenants and keep a steady flow of income. Whatever your goals, moving household rubbish built up over 12+ months isn’t a productive way to spend your time.

Prepare your property for re-listing without overspending or wasting your precious time. Rov’s Rubbish Removal can help make the transition between tenants quick, stress-free and simple.

Dirty backyard with junk things

End of lease clear-outs across Western Sydney

Many Western Sydney tenants neglect their yards and vacate the premises leaving properties that require significant attention to remove leftover furniture, green waste and white goods (not to mention bags of trash that seem to appear out of thin air). We understand the two most important considerations when you’re looking to re-list a property for rent are saving time and getting the job done right.

Big Pile of broken old things

Common items we remove through end of lease services include:

Spend less time stressing over excess rubbish and leave the property clean and clear with expert end of lease rubbish removal in Western Sydney.

Full of junk outside the backyard of a home

Same day end of lease rubbish removal

Do the days feel busy at the best of times as a real estate agent or property manager? When you’re racing the clock to get your property cleared out and re-listed on the rental market, you can’t afford to sit around while rubbish removalists keep you waiting.

Our same day service puts time back in your hands. We’ll remove your waste and leave your property spotless and clear.

This is especially important if a previous tenant has left their furniture and you’re responsible for the removal. Call Rov’s Rubbish Removal for fast and affordable same day end of lease rubbish removal anywhere in Western Sydney.

Junk things placed at the backyard

Cheap end of lease rubbish removal for real estate agents

Was your previous tenant a hoarder with a habit of attracting junk? Is your property’s backyard full of furniture and broken appliances the previous tenant should have removed? Managing a property is time-consuming enough without adding unnecessary jobs and costs. We can help remove those large, bulky items that cause renters to look elsewhere, with low-cost end of lease waste removal anywhere in Western Sydney.

Our end of lease service was created to help you spend less time preparing your properties for new tenants and more time focusing on your business. As part of our end of lease rubbish removal service, we provide basic yard maintenance. So, if the lawn is overgrown or the branches need trimming, we’ll clear the space of obstructions and get your lawn in order. Contact us to find out more about our same-day service.

We provide a garden maintenance service at no extra cost

Most tenants remove furniture and rubbish from inside the property, but wildly overgrown gardens are common for agents and property managers preparing new listings. Removing large amounts of green waste is a job for professionals as branches, tree stumps and general garden waste need to be collected, removed and disposed of sustainably.

We understand bringing onboard professional landscapers is a cost that’s significant, which is why we offer end of lease garden clear-outs at Western Sydney’s lowest prices. Our service is built on the values of honesty, integrity and reliability, so you can get your property’s yard clean and find new tenants sooner. We are fully insured, including property maintenance insurance, so there’s no risk on your end.

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End of lease rubbish removal frequently asked questions

Skip bins have restrictions on the kinds of waste that can be put into one bin.

At Rov’s Rubbish Removal, our pricing structure has the flexibility to quote not only based on the amount of waste, but also on the various different kinds of waste – meaning you get more value for money.

The bonus: you don’t have to lift a finger!

Yes. We can uninstall appliances as part of the rubbish removal service. If it’s in your home and you want to get rid of it, we’ll remove it.

We work with properties filled by hoarders and agents looking to find new tenants. This includes all household waste, hard waste, green waste, hoarded waste, white goods and assorted junk.

Yes. Time is crucial when your bond is on the line and you need to vacate your premises. Our same-day service provides a super fast solution with no mess.

Rov’s Rubbish Removal services Western Sydney, including major metropolitan areas of Penrith, Parramatta, Blacktown and the Blue Mountains (including surrounding suburbs).

Yes. Our service is stress-free and hands-free, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll remove all rubbish as you vacate your premises. We’re not just faster than hiring a skip bin you have to fill up yourself… we do all the labour too.

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