Daniel Cooke, Site Manager/Senior Operator

Lead Operator

Daniel is the longest serving employee at Rov’s Rubbish Removal, bringing more than 15 years of civil experience to the team.

His background in civil construction is incredibly valuable to the business, with his understanding of new home build stages and requirements providing much needed information for appropriate preparation and planning.

As Site Manager and Operator, Daniel is responsible for ensuring each job is completed professionally, efficiently and ethically.

If there’s one thing about Daniel it’s that he can’t stand to leave a job unfinished, even if it’s clock-off time on a Friday afternoon; he is always going the extra mile to provide exceptional service to our customers.

In Daniel’s words: “There’s a big difference between a good customer review and a great one.”

A skilled operator, Daniel is fully licensed in the operation of trucks, excavators, and bobcats and has years of experience driving heavy rigid vehicles.

With Daniel as the Lead Operator, we have the capability of towing and navigating from site to site with all the right tools and equipment.

Part of the family

As part of Director Hayley’s extended family, one of Daniel’s favourite things about working for Rov’s Rubbish Removal is spending time with the people he loves.

“I really enjoy working with my family and assisting with the growth of the business,” Daniel says.

Because he values family more than anything else, he is one of the team’s most dedicated workers, always going above and beyond to support the business.

The life of the party

Always the life of the party, Daniel is either quoting movies, clarifying song lyrics or educating people on different styles of music or characters from movies they have never seen.

As the team’s resident funny guy, Daniel is always making people laugh; it is this positive energy and his get-up-and-go attitude that make him a perfect fit for the Rov’s Rubbish removal family.

And his love for the outdoors helps too!

“I just love being outdoors and going to different locations each day, so it really is the perfect job for that.”

When he’s not busy loading trucks or excavating, Daniel is hitting the open road.

“I love relaxing, going camping and four-wheel driving,” he says.

“And spending time with Chopper, my blue cattle dog.”

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