Are you a Western Sydney builder who’s looking for ways to keep your quotes competitive as the high cost of energy and supply chain shortages push up the price for construction materials by up to 30%?

One of the best ways to keep your quotes competitive without sacrificing the quality of your builds, is by ensuring the building site is correctly prepared.

Not only does correct site preparation ensure your project goes smoothly right from the start, it also prevents unnecessary and costly changes to structural design and other delays due to not meeting council requirements.

Keep your construction project on time and on budget with a building site prep and excavation service contractor

Whether it’s a new home build, a demolition, a renovation or an excavation, using an experienced and professional building site prep and excavation services team to properly prepare your building site can help ensure your building project remains on time and on budget right from the start, saving your construction business time and money.

Once your build is council approved and you’re ready to start, here’s just a few of the ways using a building site prep and excavation services contractor can help keep your construction business on schedule at this crucial stage of a building project.

Clearing of vegetation and other organic materials

A building site prep and excavation services contractor will provide hassle-free, affordable and fast clearing of organic matter, as well as removal of all vegetation and organic matter, so you can get on with the build.

Once they’ve ensured there are no protected trees on the site, all vegetation, small trees, bushes, grass and any other organic matter will be quickly and cleanly cleared so you can set the locations of your foundation, access roads and driveways.

By using the same team to also remove all of the cleared vegetation and other organic matter, you’ll save the hassle and expense of having to also hire skip bins or dealing with multiple subcontractors.

Preparing an even surface for foundations, piers or a concrete slab

Whatever your building site preparation and excavation needs, a professional building site prep and excavation services contractor will have the machinery and equipment required to prepare an even surface for foundations, saving you the time and expense in hiring heavy machinery and a team to operate it.

Fully licensed, trained, and insured contractors are experienced in using an extensive fleet of machinery, including:

  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Graders
  • Trucks
  • Bobcats

They will also remove brickworks, rocks of any size or shape and excess dirt or soil, to ensure there are no nasty surprises down the track.

Using excavators to remove any high points, low troughs, or slopes on your block, professional machine operators are experienced in using the cut and fill technique to level the site, ensuring your building surface will be totally even and ready for laying foundations, piers or a concrete slab.

Construction of underground infrastructure

Don’t risk having to dig up your construction site mid way through the build and sending your timeline and your budget right out the window!

Using an experienced team with the right equipment to construct the underground infrastructure required for pipes, cables, sewer pipes, tunnels, basements, and other underground structures ensure the job is done right, the first time.

Getting this underground infrastructure constructed and installed correctly is essential for ensuring all of the vital functions and services such as gas, water and energy supply, waste processing, communication networks, and even transportation work correctly the first time and don’t have to be reinstalled.

Supply and install of temporary sediment control

Studies by the EPA show that a single building site can lose up to four truckloads of soil in a single storm! Without correct supply and install of temporary sentiment control for your build, you can risk polluting stormwater, an offence that can result in on-the-spot fines or even legal proceedings.

Using a team experienced in preventing site erosion saves money for you and your client and protects you from prosecution.

Professional contractors understand how to supply and install temporary sediment control measures, including:

  • Supplying and installing all-weather access solutions to protect the build
  • Installing temporary sediment fences and sludge filters along the low side of the site 
  • Diverting water around the work site without flooding the neighbouring sites
  • Establishing a stabilised entry/exit point to the build site
  • Clearly marking the access points
  • Laying a kerb-side strip of turf to slow the speed of water flows and to trap sediment

Site excavation, clean-ups and construction waste removal

Whether you’re mid-build or end of build, at some stage you’ll also need driveway excavation and landscape preparation services and you’ll also need construction site clean up and maintenance throughout the build.

A fast and reliable waste management team who offer fast and affordable building and construction waste removal can quickly clear your work site will ensure your worksite is kept safe and clean with easy access maintained at every stage of the build. This saves the cost and inconvenience of skip bins or running the risk of council fines.

Save time, money and stress at every stage of the building site preparation process

At Rov’s Removals, our competitive hourly rates and fixed price models ensures you always know exactly what you’ll be paying for your site preparation and excavation, allowing you to quote with confidence and keep your project on budget.

With our experienced and professional team you can also rest assured your building site job will be done right the first time, avoiding unexpected knock-on delays that prevent your project from being delivered on time.

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