Becky Tutill, Sales & Administration Assistant

The heart of the company

Becky is the heart of our company, with her genuine care for our customers one of her most important attributes. Whether it’s a grieving client organising a deceased estate, or someone who has waste illegally dumped on their land, Becky will move mountains to help and find the best solutions.

As our very own Jill of all trades, Becky uses her multitude of talents to step in to many roles at Rov’s Rubbish Removal.

Her secretarial and administrative experience has proved extremely beneficial, as she deftly manages job schedules, site resources and customer queries.

Thorough and efficient, with a strong eye for detail, Becky will get the job done. You can always rely on her to deliver… and then some.

And, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. Becky will often step in to the labouring side of the business when she gets the chance.

“I’m a really active person that enjoys the physically demanding side of this work,” Bec says.

“I really enjoy being outdoors, travelling to different job sites and seeing the different stages of new home builds.”

“I love that I have a balance; sometimes I am on site labouring and other times I am in the office responding to clients and working through the admin.”

A great team culture

What Becky loves most about Rov’s Rubbish Removal is the culture and family friendly atmosphere.

“Our team is uplifting, fun and positive and they’re a great bunch of people to be around,” Becky explains.

Becky plays an integral part in this culture, fostering wonderful relationships with our clients and always boosting the morale of our employees.

A busy mum

From soccer player to chef, Becky is an overachiever.

She is an incredible soccer player, playing for two different teams.

“I am always outside playing soccer,” Becky laughs.

“I never like to be still, so combining that with an active 6 year old son, I’m always going to the park, swimming in the river, or walking the dog.”

She is also an incredible chef and entertainer, often inviting her loved ones over for an impromptu gathering.

“I love cooking all different feasts and cuisines for my family and having social gatherings for no reason,” Becky says.

“Any chance to see my nieces, who I love, and be silly with them.”

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